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Freedom through Surrender

"Is this not the fast I have chosen: To loose the bonds of wickedness, To undo the heavy burdens, To let the oppressed go free; And that...

Living Among the Breakage

The "breakage" between who we were (past) and who we are becoming (future) is a tension-filled, at times violent drama played out in the now

An Open Door: Prayer

Part 2 in our "Reaching Muslims: an Open Door" series focuses on the most effective tool we have: prayer

An Open Door

More Muslims have come to Christ since 9/11 than in the previous 14 centuries combined. What is your part in this great end-times harvest?


I realized that in Christ I could belong both in the East and in the West, because my true citizenship does not belong on earth.

I was a stranger...

we again have the opportunity to be there for Jesus as He is hungry and thirsty. We have the opportunity to clothe Him as He is cold and...

Count the cost

Hers is a faith that will follow Jesus no matter the cost, because she understood from the beginning that following Jesus means...

A Wind Blows...

All three, though raised Muslim, are now servants of the King of Kings. Moreover, their witness is reverberating in major Muslim cities...

Dreams and Visions

She looked down at her hands as she continued: "Jesus never appeared to me in a dream. I really doubted my salvation because of it...

Through Community...

Mehmet was a bit nervous as he walked into the room. A bodybuilder, he was generally a pretty confident guy, but these Christians were...

Good Soil

He looked confused. "But I'm a Muslim...they won't let me in," he said. I had just invited the young man to church with me and he was...

Fruit from the Lord

We learned about his family and upbringing, and about how his Father had read him stories about Isa (Jesus) from the Incil ( New Testament)

The Growing Seed

What does matter is that doors that have been firmly closed are being flung wide open! Soil that has been hard and dry is being watered...

Faith Alone?

True faith is substantive. You can see it, experience it, and see evidence of it. True faith in Jesus causes us to...

The Valley of Decision

There is a coming day when such chaos and confusion will be put to an end. Until then, our King has put us His servants on mission

The Great Collaboration pt. 2

Jesus Himself is our co-laborer, our collaborator on the greatest project of all: His great mission to rescue His lost sheep

Behind the Clouds

It is in the trials, when He seems so absent and hope seems lost that we learn to cling stubbornly to hope, and in faith to continue forward

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