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“Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for Your inheritance” (Psalm 2:8)

It is our desire to be used to bring Him the nations!

We exist to make Christ known, and to equip others to do the same. Our heart is to serve our King through fulfilling the great commission and equipping others to do the same. While we have served in many capacities, our ministry has primarily consisted of the following:

International Student Outreach

First, we are actively involved in international student outreach at Oklahoma State University. We host Bible studies and dinners, organize events, and are active in evangelism, outreach, and discipleship. We believe that our King has placed strengths and gifts in the body in such a way that we are best when we are working together. For that reason, we partner with others who have a heart for reaching the nations, and seek to strengthen, assist, and uphold individuals, churches, and campus ministries to help us all as a body to fulfill the great commission.

Reaching Muslims with the Love of Christ

We are also involved in missions to the Muslim world. We have long-term partnerships and are actively involved in the foreign missions field. While we are active in evangelism, once again our main priority is to partner with others and to assist our partners in their ministries. Our experience in the Muslim world has also enabled us to effectively share the love of Christ with Muslims in our own community.

Equipping the Body

Finally, we have a calling to help equip and enable YOU to fulfill the great commission! We can help individuals, ministries, and churches to more effectively reach international students on your local college campus, or to learn to engage with Muslims in your community. Many churches are ignoring these important and highly accessible missions fields, and we would like to help you engage the foreign missions field in your own back yard!

Please check out the rest of our website to learn more about our ministry and to see what resources we have available. Also, you can follow us on facebook, or on twitter.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our ministry!

Many blessings,

Brian and Shelly

P28 Global Ministries

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Successful ministries have prayer covering. We are looking for prayer warriors who will commit to regularly praying for our ministry. Will you stand in the gap and intercede for us and for those who will come to the Lord through our ministry?

If you would commit to being a part of our prayer team, please fill out the below form, or contact us through our contact form, or through facebook.

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