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"To make Him known among the nations and to equip others to do the same"

It is this two-fold mission of outreach and equipping that has characterized our work since the beginning. From the foreign mission field to our local university to pulpits around the globe:


  • International student ministry at Oklahoma State University has been our primary work. The US educational system is drawing students from all over the world. Though they are Muslims, and Hindus, and atheists, the Lord is bringing them to us and they are open to the Gospel! Many have come to faith and taken the good news with them as they return to their home countries. This is truly a strategic mission field!

  • Refugee care has been uniquely challenging, but it has been our privilege to help “welcome the stranger” as Jesus exhorts us to in Matt 25 (and elsewhere). Many seeds have been planted in Afghans who had never heard the Gospel, and the Lord is already bearing fruit through these efforts!

  • Foreign missions remains a vital part of our DNA. We still partner with projects in the Muslim world, as we have for many years. While there are no immediate plans for a return to the Caucasus, Brian’s heart has recently been stirred anew, and we are praying about a return. Moreover, we have recently begun a relationship serving and proclaiming the good news through recurring trips to Ciudad Acuna, Mexico.


Multiplication is one of our primary values. Based on Ephesians 4:11 and other scriptures, we believe the greatest fulfillment of our evangelist office and role is to raise up others to serve in the same role, equipping the body for similar service.

Brian would love to visit your church to help equip your team. In addition to being an anointed evangelist, he loves to speak on topics such as evangelism and church growth, as well as foreign missions, missions to the Muslim world, international student ministry, and hospitality. An engaging speaker, he also has a powerful testimony of God turning a hard heart of hatred into a heart of love and service.

We also provide training for evangelism and church growth, as well as specific training for evangelism among Muslim peoples, international populations, and refugee care. Please let us know how we can serve you!

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Successful ministries have prayer covering. We are looking for prayer warriors who will commit to regularly praying for our ministry. Will you stand in the gap and intercede for us and for those who will come to the Lord through our ministry?

If you would commit to being a part of our prayer team, please fill out the below form, or contact us through our contact form, or through facebook.

Will you pray for us?

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