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A Wind Blows...

Updated: May 17, 2021

"He sends out His word and melts them; He causes His wind to blow, and the waters flow."

Psalm 147:18

Muslims are coming to faith in Christ. To borrow a phrase from David Garrison, there truly is a wind blowing in the house of Islam. It is happening in Iran and Turkey. Its happening in the Caucasus, Central Asia, and in Indonesia. Its happening across the Arab world. Its also happening, and this part is important, in the USA.

American universities are drawing students from all over the world. Away from home, often for the first time, these students are open to the Gospel.

Koroosh* was a Muslim from Iran. His Grandmother was a religious leader who spoke an Islamic prayer of dedication in his ear when he was born. He came to the US for graduate school and a colleague invited him to church. The Spirit of God moved heavily in his heart as he realized the sincerity with which these people were worshipping the living God. A week later he placed his faith in Jesus and entered into eternal life. Years later, Koroosh is now involved in producing audio scripture and evangelism resources that are sent back into Iran and he is active in evangelism among his friends and family back home

Moreover, their witness is having an impact for the Kingdom in major Muslim cities all over the world.

Ali* was a Muslim from Saudi Arabia. He was attending university at a small town in the US. While walking home from the grocery store, he encountered someone who invited him to church. He initially protested, but intrigued, he decided to go. Once again, the expression of worship through song and music touched him. He later got involved with a seeker's Bible study group and, despite the risk, placed his faith in Jesus. Ali is now back home and has shared his faith with his family and friends. He has encountered intense resistance, but his willingness to continue in faith is a powerful witness to those around him.

Maryam* comes from a devoutly religious Muslim family in the mountains of Kurdistan. Upon her arrival in the US for graduate school, a Christian family sort of adopted her. She came to family events and holidays and quickly became part of their family. At first she was highly resistant to the Gospel, but the love of Christ expressed through her new family over a 2 year period was a powerful influence. Through tears and with a repentant heart, she placed her faith in the king of kings. Her conversion is reverberating all throughout her family.

All these were students at our local university. All three, though raised Muslim, now have their names written in the Lamb's book of life! Moreover, their witness is having an impact for the Kingdom in major Muslim cities all over the world.

Through the strategic nature of international student outreach, we are able to have a truly global impact. Your church, Bible study group, or para-church ministry may not be able to send covert teams into places like Iran or Saudi Arabia, but by investing in international student ministry at your local university, you can have genuine impact in those places and beyond!


If you would like to know how you can support this ministry that is having a global impact, please go to our secure giving page:

If you would like to know how your church or ministry can get involved in international student outreach at your local university, please reach out to us via our contact page:

*not their real names, although all three are actual students at one of our local universities. The author of this blog had the mighty privilege of praying with two of these as they dedicated their lives to the Lord Jesus.

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